Ausee and Skeeter earn a living dancing on BART but when a hot-headed commuter named Suzy threatens their livelihood, chaos ensues.



One day while riding the railways, Ausee encounters Suzy, a no nonsense business woman who commutes on BART daily, from Walnut Creek to San Francisco and enjoys her peace and quiet.

Suzy is in the middle of an important business call when Ausee and his dance crew’s performance interrupts her. Suzy explodes with anger, shutting down the performance and threatening to call the police. When Ausee and his crew ignore her protest, she follows through with her threat. After that, it seems like no matter where he goes, Ausee just keeps on running into Suzy and it seems like Bay Area Rapid Transit System might not be big enough for the both of them.

At first, Suzy sees Ausee and the dancers as a nuisance but as time progresses, Ausee and his friends show that they have big hearts and are great guys. Through his actions and positive attitude, Ausee will try to prove Suzy wrong and win her over.